grilled japanese eggplant and onions

This a simple and delicious way to prepare eggplant. Plus, it gives you an excuse to grill, which is always fun (or, if it's winter and you don't want to venture outside for a grilling adventure, you get to break out the grill pan). The eggplant is marinated, giving it super flavor. And of course, grilled... Continue Reading →


carrot sloppy joes, dill slaw, and baked french fries

Sloppy joes made with carrots are a great vegetarian alternative to pulled pork. You can make this with any barbecue sauce, but I like this easy homemade one. The dill slaw is a great addition too, and, of course, fries. These are baked though, so they're much healthier than regular fries but still really tasty!... Continue Reading →

kale chickpea curry

This recipe isn't exactly pretty (the boy was initially quite put off by the overwhelming green with random chickpeas sticking out), but it certainly is tasty and hearty and filling. I'm a big fan of rich, creamy curries. I like this one a lot because I don't need to feel guilty about it with its base being kale!... Continue Reading →

vietnamese tofu spring rolls

Vegetarian protein and salad in a rice roll with a peanut lime sauce... yes, these are seriously amazing and seriously healthy. These took a while to make, working with the fragile wrappers, but they are oh so worth it. The rolls themselves are crisp and refreshing and light, and the peanut lime sauce is rich... Continue Reading →

kale fried rice with egg

I avoid eating salad whenever possible. Whenever we get kale in our CSA (and when we do, we get a LOT of it), I'm tasked with coming up with other applications for its use besides in the raw. This is one of my favorites. I don't believe I've ever had rice that I didn't like,... Continue Reading →

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